June 7, 2008

Ever been lost in China?
Hmm, I hope not to do it again. Our group left us! We were supposed to meet at Starbucks at 4pm. Well, it was pouring rain for about 2 hours, which they say never happens. So Christie and I kind of got stuck inside a big mall area and around 3:55, we were going to head over. But it was still pouring, so we figured that everyone wouldn’t be there anyways because of the rain, so we waited another 5 minutes or so before just running through the rain. I’ve never seen it rain so hard. It was pouring buckets! We got to Starbucks at 4:12, and our group wasn’t there. We thought that was strange, so we figured we’d just wait for awhile. I mean, I guess they could have all been stuck because of the rain somewhere else, but we thought it was weird. After waiting a half hour or so, we decided to walk around the corner because we heard there was another Starbucks. After waiting, calling Dr. Rundle (which actually was his cell phone in the US, not the international one), and walking all around in the rain, we decided just to go back to where the bus had been in case they had remembered us once they got on the bus. It wasn’t there. We walked about 20 blocks to find a taxi because they were all full of people! I mean, I guess that’s what happens with 18 million people in a city! We were fine getting back to the hotel because we had the address of the place and Christie speaks a little Chinese, but it was kinda crazy.
Apparently, the group had thought that we were there (I don’t know how they could have missed that we weren’t there, but I guess it was chaotic with the rain and all) and then when they did realize that we weren’t there, some one stated that we had decided to take a taxi back by ourselves earlier. Whoever said that was definitely mistaken!
Oh well, it was kinda fun, because I knew nothing bad would happen to us. We just needed to find a taxi to get back to the hotel. We got to go on a cruise around the big lake here in Shanghai. It’s a beautiful city. Very modern. It’s huge. I think they have over 4,000 buildings that are over 10 stories tall. There’s a lot of sky scrapers.
Yesterday we got to visit HP! Yay. For those of you who don’t know, last year I was a summer intern at Hewlett-Packard in San Diego. This HP was very similar, except they did Application Development and support for other companies. Pretty cool.
We also got to visit Lenovo, which is a computer manufacturer. We got to see their production and assembly line and watch people screw together the whole computer within about 15 minutes. They were so fast! One person puts the power supply in, the next the CPU, and so on. Super quick. I really enjoyed seeing both of these computer places, but of course I’m a nerd. I don’t know if anyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂

That’s all for now. Will write later. We are going to an International church tomorrow morning, so that should be pretty cool. Coming home soon!

Pretty skyline of Shanghai at Night

Garden we went to go see in Old China Town

Torrential Downpour

June 3, 2008


Click here to see Pictures from the first few days


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