The days grow longer: literally and figuratively

4 02 2014
photo 3 (2)

Every once and awhile the sun comes out. Just to remind me that it exists, but generally resides in California.

I remember telling one of my B-school friends that even though my days are still about as long as they were when I was a first year student, they don’t seem to be so bad anymore. I mean, they’re still long. But it just seems like that’s life. (Oye — 14 hour days = normal….)

I think one of the things that has helped contribute to me getting more used to these long days is the value that I receive from them. Leading B&T has made my days very long, but also very rewarding. The days when I hear that many of our first year members received offers from large tech companies such as Cisco makes me feel like we’ve done our job well. There’s joy found in serving those in our community, in helping them achieve their goals —  goals that some of them weren’t sure they could attain.

Unfortunately there are days when it’s too “business-y” for me (like having a company pitch competition — cool, but nothing I’ve ever wanted to do) and less techie, but I’m in B-school; I guess that’s expected. To make up for days like that where I’m working on commercializing a product, I have to take a little break to go to a “tech talk” session in the CS department. I have to say, I’m such a nerd. I really just love servers. Hearing the speaker from VMware talk about how to debug and optimize your virtual servers just does something to my heart (don’t worry, Brian — nothing like what you do to it ;)). But actually, I’m really grateful that I’m at CMU where I can learn about tech and business from great teachers, presenters, and students.

Vmware. Servers. Yay.

Vmware. Servers. Yay.


Much to my dismay, the groundhog (who only lives like 2 hours away from here!) saw his shadow, so we’ll have a few more weeks of winter, but I’ll be home to warm San Diego in less than a month! I’ve never seen snow like we had last week. It just piled up.

photo 1 (2)

Until I can next see the sun in San Diego, I’m sure the days will continue to grow longer as we finish up the mini. However, as the days grow longer, the more I will have to cherish the decreasing days of being here at Tepper. I’m trying to take advantage of the time left to explore Pittsburgh more. Michelle, Sang, and I went to visit the Incline, up to the top of the huge hill, which overlooks the city of Pittsburgh below.

photo 2 (2)


And of course, there are always wonderful packages that come in the mail from my fantastic fiancé to remind me that there are flowers in other parts of the country. 

photo 5




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