Start of Mini 3 (and Mini 2 pictures)

14 01 2014

I’m 3/4 of the way done with my MBA! We’re at the start of the last semester. Two more mini’s to go and in May I will be done. Wow, life flies by.

I realized Mini 2 I didn’t write anything at all! I pretty much fell of the face of the earth and didn’t do much besides wedding planning, school assignments, and B&T club work. B&T has been fun, but a ton of work. It’s my part time job. People always think that because I had finalized my job plans for next year right at the end of summer I must have had free time coming out of my ears. Um, no. Trying to run a club that provides 3 events a week is a lot! It’s been a huge learning experience and I am super grateful that God has put me in this role, but it sure takes up a lot of my time and my mental capacity — I’m a responsible person and feel fully responsible to make sure things go well. That doesn’t mean I have to do all the work, but it means that it’s on my head if we should have done something or shouldn’t have done something. Anyways, we’re almost done with our term, which I will be sad about, but there are plenty of other fun things to help with as well. I think one of my favorite parts about B&T has been the mentoring side — I love being able to chat with the first year students and help them with advice, a kind word, or just a listening ear. It’s really fun for me to see the transformation of students from when they come in to Tepper to even just 6 months later for the first years, or 1.5 years (!) for some of my classmates. This place has really changed us and helped us grow a lot. In so many ways.

Pictures of some of the fun times in Mini 2 are below.

It’s always hard for me to come back from CA to school. Part of it is leaving Brian, my family, and the sun. The other part is knowing that it’s hard here. It’s stretching. There’s a lot of work to do. Plus, it’s cold here and there’s not much “outside” time that I get. But this week I have been hugely blessed. My prayer upon returning was to have joy and peace, in the midst of sadness of leaving Brian in CA for the next 7 weeks, and in the midst of the crazy lifestyle I live here. God has been gracious. Yesterday I got to have a good conversation with a friend, pray with other Tepper Christians, dance in the Ballroom dancing class, and relax and stretch while doing yoga (PE class!). Today, I enjoyed having lunch with one of my mentees, seeing friends whom I hadn’t seen for a month and realizing that there are GREAT people here at Tepper and I hope to have life long friendships with them after we leave Tepper. Here’s to another great mini, full of learning, fun, and great adventures!

Adventures during Christmas Break:




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