Helping Women Around the World: World Vision

29 01 2013

This inspired me today. While reading it, I just thought, Wow; how sad that there’s so much domestic violence and abuse. The way God created marriage was for women to be SAFE in its boundaries. For places where women cannot support themselves (like most of the world), marriage is one of the main ways for husband to take care of a woman.

My world is so different than theirs. I can work if I want to. I can choose when I want to get married, or not get married at all. No one is forcing me to have an early marriage prior to when I should be at a too-early-for-child-bearing age. It’s crazy to see how this man, with the help of World Vision, is changing the community. ¬†The fact that the one dad who does treat his wife and kids right is an anomaly in their culture makes me sad. I am so glad to see that he is teaching the young men and boys how to properly care for their one-day-wives.

I wanted to share, because if you’re not familiar with World Vision, and their Women of Vision project, you should check it out.






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