Week 2 of Pittsburgh

11 08 2012

Welcome to my apartment!

This has been a good week of getting to know more friends and seeing the sights. They sure keep us busy over here, even though school hasn’t officially started. We’ve been working on networking skills, online presence, math review, accounting review (I haven’t done math in 7 years, besides studying for GMAT, which is very different. I was so discouraged that I couldn’t remember what the quadratic formula was! I got it now, but it’s crazy to think that you work with it for 10 years or so in school and then a few years later you haven’t used it and you can’t remember it at all.) We’ve also been learning about different companies and opportunities for future career positions. We did a case study on how to look at a company and give recommendations for future improvements (and whether we should implement a new technology). Thank you Dr. Sherwin for teaching me how to do case studies in Strat at Biola! It has come in handy!

There are a lot of hang out opportunities in the evening. I forgot — MBA people are social; IT people are less so… These people want to hang out EVERY night. Sometimes I just need a night at home to be alone. 🙂 More to come on that in a later post.

Thanks for all the cards and letters that I received this week! It’s fun to get things in the mail!




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