Roadtrip across the nation

29 07 2012

Well, we made it! LA to Pittsburgh = 2,700 miles. States we drove through: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania. 12 States!

Roadtripping with two of my favorite people: Christie and Brian. We started off from Norwalk, CA and drove to Pittsburgh, PA. Christie ended her journey with us in Chicago and then Brian and I drove the last day by ourselves.

Leaving home

We had relatively few problems. My car hit its 60,000 mile mark so we ended up with a few lights on the car’s dashboard once we arrived in Pittsburgh, and something still seems a little strange with a belt, maybe (it’s noisier than it normally is inside the car), but all in all, the trip went really well! We left on Monday and ended up here on Friday evening. Five full days of driving, but it wasn’t too bad. Good company, some audio books, and the beautiful countryside that God created.

Thankfully, every night we had a free place to stay along the way. The first night was at Brian’s family’s cabin in Duck Creek, Utah. We then drove over ten hours the next day to get to Longmont, Colorado, where my aunt, uncle, and cousin live. Got to have dinner with my cousin and his wife, which was great to finally meet her! Every afternoon we had some thunderstorms. I love storms. Since we don’t have them often in SoCal, it’s fun for me. Most of the days, I would drive in the morning, and then Brian would drive in the afternoon (when the storms would come). Poor Brian.

“There be storms ahead!” – Brian

Driving through Utah

Red Rocks in Zion

There were only a few side trips that we made along the way. The first one was in Utah, at Zion National Park. The rocks there are beautiful. We saw quite a few dear and enjoyed a little cooler weather, especially after driving through Las Vegas and the desert there.

Most boring part of the drive for me — Utah. I don’t like the desert as much.

Utah roads

Gorgeous Colorado mountains

I didn’t realize that there were so many fields and corn in Colorado. I thought that was mainly in the Midwest. However, driving through Eastern Colorado we hit a lot of cornfields. I think they’re so beautiful. I know people think that driving through the Midwest is boring because it’s flat and just full of fields, but I love the look of the fields and seeing all the farm houses spread out. It was probably the most beautiful part for me, as well as seeing the Colorado mountains (unfortunately I slept through the part where we drove over the Rocky Mountains).

Fields of Colorado

Fields of Nebraska

We stayed in Des Moines, Iowa with my friend Jorunn that I had met when I went out for my internship at Principal Financial Group in 2008. It was fun to see her and Amber while I was out there. We then headed through Nebraska to Chicago to stay with a friend of Christie’s. We were able to go to Millenium Park and the Cultural Center before rushing off to a nice gluten-free dinner at Vinci’s. They said that 25% of their guests come for their gluten-free food. It definitely is good! We said goodbye to Christie and saw the skyline of Chicago from the Planetarium area.

I love this skyline — Chicago

Brian was tired of being stuck in the car by the last day. So we danced, sang, and finished our audio book (The Cross and the Switchblade — if you haven’t read/listened to it and want to, it’s super good. I can lend you my CDs). We took an unexpected detour when I noticed a sign for Goshen in Indiana. Goshen College was where my grandparents went to school (my dad’s parents). It was only 30 minutes off the highway so we had to go. I knew there was a music building/room named after my grandparents, so we went in hunt for it.

Pretty cool to see the legacy they left behind

More fields, farmhouses, storms, and then finally on to Pittsburgh after some crazy lightning! Praise the Lord that it didn’t rain while we were trying to unload some of the things.

My new house! Talk about upsizing…(Okay, I just have one cute little apartment within this house — top windows in the brick section)

Thanks for your prayers on our travels! More updates about Pittsburgh to come. I’m safe and sound and moving in to this awesome apartment that the Lord so smoothly provided in a great neighborhood less than two blocks from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Wow, pretty awesome.





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30 07 2012

Such great photos!! And you’re so tan, oh my gosh.

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