Business Cases & East Coast culture

4 02 2012

This campus is so beautiful. I just love East Coast schools.

You know, I never thought I was a spoiled Californian until I came to the East Coast and realized that everything is so different here. It’s seriously like a different country. And it’s so cold!
I’ve been visiting the University of Rochester this weekend for a Scholarship weekend. I was invited, along with 25 of the other top students, to compete in a team case presentation to earn a full scholarship, or more scholarship money. It’s been a great experience! I’m sure glad that I had a semester-long class at Biola University to teach me how to do a strategic analysis of a company. Thank you, Dr. Sherwin! As an undergrad, we analyze a company and provided a recommendation strategy over the course of the semester. My team did the same thing (almost as detailed!) in 9 hours (6:30pm-1:30am, and then 8-10am). Wow, grad school is going to be intense.

People have mentioned a few times how it was so warm here. Okay people, 30 degrees is NOT (!!!) warm!. I walked out of the hotel this morning and thought “Wow, it’s so freezing” and the guy in front of me states, “It’s really nice today! Not very cold”. I walked around in the afternoon and had to walk inside a building so I could start feeling my hands again. Not really what I would talk about as warm. But if this is warm, I’m scared for what cold is! I feel like a wimp, but really, this is decently the coldest I’ve ever been in for a long period of time (except for Korea, and that was really cold!). It seems so weird to me that this is normal. I guess I’m just used to 75 and sunny all the time. I like my 75 degrees, where I can sit outside and eat lunch every day. I have a feeling if I lived out here, my life would completely change, as I would never ever go outside. So sad!
I’ve never checked my coat in while walking in to a restaurant. I always remember my mom talking about how they’d put their coats in the coat room at church when they walked in. It seemed like such a weird concept to me. So tonight we stood in a line while walking in the restaurant to check our coats! So fun! This is just something a SoCal girl doesn’t ever experience.

Also, the people here have accents. It’s not just the Rochester people. Almost all of the East Coast people do! I’m really surprised. I didn’t think they would. But it’s strong. It’s something about how they say their “A’s”. They think the Rochester people have accents, but I think almost all of them do.

One thing that I’ve noticed about this school is that when I say I want to do the Computer Information Systems emphasis, they all talk about how smart I must be, and then they say, oh yeah, the CIS teachers are great at Excel. Okay, look — CIS is not just about Excel. I think non-IT people think IT is about Excel. Wow! That is horrible! I had two people say just like that today! It makes me sad. I’m like, look do you realize that there’s way more to IT people than Excel? Sure, I love Excel, but IT people really wouldn’t say that is what IT people do. Actually, there are very few IT people who use Microsoft Office! The true techies are working on terminals. Black screens. Typing things in. Yeah, no Excel there. Accountants use Excel. The finance people use Excel. We IT people don’t use Excel (even though I love it and used it a ton for formulas while working as the IT Admin Coordinator!).

It’s been a full weekend so far, and I have had a wonderful time with the people that were on my team, and that I have met. Wonderfully accomplished people who are very driven. I would love to study with them. Tomorrow’s the last day of the Simon School at University of Rochester’s scholarship weekend program, and then on to visit Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA.

Christie and I reunited!

They’ve taken great care of me with food stuff. Apparently someone thought it was “gluetin” haha.

There are random patches of snow everywhere! One girl said it was really strange that it wasn’t snowing, as it snows every day here normally in the winter. Yikes!

Having fun!




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