The language of Techs

10 12 2011

A friend of mine was doing a linguistics project and asked that I send her some tech terms that she could “decode”. Here are her answers about some Sysadmin tech terms. I loved her answers and thought they were funny, so thought I’d share

Kernel – a small piece of information
Service – how a computer system receives power
Network adapter – a plug-in so that networks can communicate w/ea other
Heartbeat – the main power source of a large computer (now I know you’re laughing out loud!)
Interrupt-driven – a printer that breaks when bad data is sent to it

Here are the real answers:
Kernel – is actually the main brains of a operating system (Windows, Apple OS X); it manages communication between the hardware and the applications
Service – Many things can be considered a service, but mainly we talk about certain processes that are running. So in order to be able to access your google mail, a “mail” service needs to be running. This is the job that allows your program or application to run.
Network adapter – where you plug in the internet cord on your computer
Heartbeat – if the computer doesn’t have a heartbeat, it’s dead or disconnected to the network. Just like in a person, without a heartbeat, there’s bad news. Means the computer is on and communicating
Interrupt-driven – a process or service that doesn’t start or do anything until it’s interrupted and told to do something




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