Landscaping adventures

8 10 2011

The saga continues. Today was quite the day! I was very blessed to have three wonderful helpers: My dad, Tony, and Juan. Tony and Juan helped me last week and were a great help, so that I didn’t have to shovel dirt. Today I did a good amount of shoveling and I am very sore!

Although you seem me standing in this picture, much of the day I was busy working: shoveling dirt, gluing the sprinkler system together and cutting parts (my main job), jack-hammering concrete out of the ground (my least favorite part), raking and leveling the ground, and making lunch for my helpers.

I love sprinklers. It’s such a fun process. I’ve helped my dad fix sprinklers in the past, but haven’t ever been a part of the whole thing. It’s like a puzzle. Very logical. You glue one corner piece on, you put a “T” piece on, you cut the next pipe and glue it on. Fun. I was able to do most of the sprinkler work, with my dad supervising. New skill learned today — how to install sprinklers.
We made such great progress! I was so happy to be able to turn on the sprinklers in the front yard and see the ground get watered! I was hoping that Juan and Tony would be able to start working on digging up the grass and turning up the soil in the backyard today; however, we realized that we had too much dirt in the front yard and so they worked on hauling that to the back yard and digging the front yard sprinkler trenches.

It’s been so fun to have them working with me, because I get to practice my Spanish. Juan doesn’t speak any English, and Tony does just a little, so I’ve been having so much fun practicing and trying to talk with them. I love Spanish. I’m not that great at it, but I’ve been listening to Coffee Break Spanish a few times a week and going through their podcasts. It’s helped me recall what I learned in school, but you really have to recall it when you need to speak it. They’re friendly guys and like me trying to talk in Spanish, even if I ask them to do something with the wrong conjugation of the verb. They have given much grace to me.

More pics of all the fun today:

The start of the day - digging ditches and marking sprinkler positions

Putting the sprinklers in the trenches

End of the day with the planter border in

Such a nice flattened yard!




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