Expecting More from Technology and Less from Others

21 07 2011

This is an interesting video lecture about how technology affects us and our relationships with people. I’m really curious about this. If I do a Master’s degree, I think research surrounding this could be interesting. I feel like this is being discussed a lot recently, especially in Christian culture.

Her analysis is interesting, although it’s a long video. I thought it was interesting how she talked about the 15 year olds at a birthday party. Phones allow you to “leave” when you’re feeling awkward, rather than sticking it out. How many awkward situations are avoided because you have a phone? Sitting at an airport, waiting for the bus, sitting at a restaurant by yourself? We’ve become unused to being still and really being “alone”.

Sherry Turkle: Expecting More from Technology and Less from Each Other
February 4, 2011 Sherry Turkle director, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self




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