The best day

13 07 2011

This song really sums up the day!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends for celebrating me and making me feel loved and cared for! You all are great!

Lunch with work friends at Red Robin and then a little chocolate fondue party after work, put on by my wonderful roommates Michelle and Jen!

Now, on to another year of life. In a way, I hope 23 will be a little less eventful. But I can’t guarantee that… I’m a person who thrives off of the adventure of life and always loves learning, which both make life quite eventful!

The thing that I’ve learned this year is that every day is another day to enjoy. Life seems to be speeding by, so all you can do is enjoy the one you have today. (Pretty sure this is why Matthew talks about not “worrying about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself”. (Matt 6:34))
And I’ve learned that the one thing you can hope in is God and the hope of knowing him more. What an exciting thing to look forward to this next year!

The glory be to God for the many, many blessings he has given.




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