Women Google Execs talk about Women in Tech

16 06 2011

Thoughts from Women Execs at Google.
Read the whole interview here.

These were my favorite questions and responses that they had.

WSJ: How important is it for women to have mentors?

Ms. Wojcicki: One thing that’s more important than mentoring is having peers and friends. It’s not an accident the three of us are still here. We joined within a month of each other. We had each other and that was worth a lot.

Ms. Fitzpatrick: That sort of thing is especially important for women where confidence tends to get in their way, especially in the early years.

WSJ: Is the small proportion of women in technology a problem or not?

Ms. Wojcicki: I would like to see more women in technology. I would welcome and enjoy having more women to work with.

I think this is really true!

This scares me about re-entering the tech industry after taking a break (for child-rearing):

WSJ: What challenges do women face in the industry?

Ms. Wojcicki: There is a lot of opportunity for people to come in fresh, to start their own business. On the other hand, because it’s so fast-moving if you drop out of that market, it’s harder to come back in. You can’t do a lot of these jobs two days a week, like you could do in other types of careers.

WSJ: Do tech companies in Silicon Valley do a good job of helping women re-enter the work force and have good maternity-leave policies?

Ms. Fitzpatrick: We have positive examples of people who have taken multiple years off. It’s possible, but it takes a lot of motivation.

Interesting thought:
This [Tech] is a market with a talent shortage. Computer scientists (not just women computer scientists) are decreasing.




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