Beautiful people, broken souls

10 06 2011

Today was interesting. “Worked” for 4 hours, since it was short Friday at Biola, however we had sexual harassment prevention training so I didn’t actually do my normal work.
I then went to Beverlywood (near Beverly Hills area) to scope out good landscaping designs. Don’t ask me to do anything Friday afternoons (from 12-5pm) during summer because I will be doing landscaping! It’s my summer project and it will be done by the beginning of the semester. At least the front.
I’ve driven through Beverlywood in the past when up in that area and thought it was beautiful. The houses are really nice and it’s a huge housing area with houses that all look different. The yards are immaculate, as they all have gardeners; I’m sure of it.

I found some great yards that I’m going to mimic! See some of the pics below. I know I want a rose bush tree. A white one. There were a lot of white roses and I just loved them! Also, I’d like a tree in the front yard, but not a fruit tree. A short hedge. Maybe a half-sized white picket fence (I’ve always loved those).

I splurged at Starbucks and got a Carmel Frap. Haven’t had one of those in a long time. 🙂 I realized the blessing that it was that I could just go drive around for an afternoon and splurge on a drink. A lot of people can’t do that. Since I don’t have a family, I still have some disposable income that I can use on myself occasionally.

It’s weird to drive around Beverlywood because you don’t see any “real” people. You don’t see the people who live there. The people walking the dog and pushing the kid in the stroller and keeping the outside of the house are all the hired help. They don’t actually live there. It makes me wonder what “those people” are doing with all their free time. They have a nanny, a gardener, a dog walker, a maid, probably. What do they do?

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be the fancy, rich person. We celebrated Rachel’s birthday at this great place called True Food Kitchen in the Fashion Island Mall area. Fun organic place that reminds me of Fresh East and Fresh & Easy with GF options! We were talking about a dinner that she went to earlier this week and one of the ladies was upset that her husband was never home because he worked late most of the time. Yet he had to work that long in order to receive the amount of income that was necessary for them to live in the super nice area that they lived in and do and have all the things they did. She couldn’t imagine not living that way. That just seems so incredulous to me. It’s not like you’re being asked to live in a box — just live in a normal neighborhood and maybe drive a Honda instead. Sure it would be the nicest honda ever, but really for some people that’s just too low. It makes me sad. I don’t ever want to be one of those people, even though I want to work in Corporate/Fortune 500. I want to use my money to further the kingdom of God and to help those in need. I don’t want a “comfortable” living to be luxurious. I love my little 750 sq ft house. It’s small and modest. I like that.

The areas that I visited today (Beverlywood/Beverly Hills area and Newport) are some of the nicest areas in Southern California, probably even in the world. It’s crazy to think that most people don’t live like this at all. Yet when you’re around it, there’s a pressure to do it/have it too. It seems normal.

The people are beautiful. You just stand there and watch them go by. It’s like a fashion show where they’re all models (PS. A guy asked if I was a model today. Yes, I was at a gas station, and yes it was probably in Compton area, but hey that’s a nice compliment. haha) I’m definitely not that type of person. I’m not the trendy girl. I try to look presentable, but if you ask me what to wear, I’ll tell you a shirt with a pretty little sweater and cute flats. I forget that people wear heels places, LOL.
So if you want a hot, rich, white guy, go to Fashion Island. I’m sure there were 20 of them that I saw in the first 5 minutes of standing outside the restaurant. Tempting. Do I want that kind of life? If I was honest, parts of me do. But then I would hate it as well. I was shocked with how many cars were at Fashion Island. I almost couldn’t find a parking spot, and there are TONS of spots. It made me cringe thinking that thousands of people were at the mall buying MORE stuff, that they probably didn’t really need. Made me think about MY materialism and how I spend my money (*guilty from Starbucks experience* :)).

So many thoughts, so much more to leave for later. Lots going on in my soul and mind. Expect more blogs soon:
– Women in Tech – Sexual Harassment caution and how it discourages male/female relationships in the workplace
– Cloud and Community – buzz words for the tech and church communities
– Women in leadership in the business world, but not in the church
– Speaking to the heart: Francis Chan’s books and clips




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11 06 2011

Great blog- you have an eye and you can actually see! I always felt a little strange when I did several free vacations at Hilton Head in SC. Stayed at a friends house and it always felt un-real. A Disneyland sort of community. Then one day one of the trendy people who actually lived in an expensive trendy HH told me his neighbors would sue over the “shade” of white used to paint your house. Only certain shades of white were allowed- I was shocked. I told him where I live ( In Antigua) people often paint their homes bright very vibrant colors and would never ever complain if a neighbor chose a strange color like white to paint their house. I asked him who did he think was richer – the person who happily painted his house vibrant colors or the person worrying that his shade of white might mean a law suit!!! By the way we have a hibiscus tree from Home depot in a large pot that has survived to winters and blooms year round- drop by to see it when you are in Vista someday. I also really enjoy my various pots that have a variety of succulents. Keep writing and keep THINKING!

19 07 2011

Great thoughts Amanda. Being “rich” is all relative anyways, right? I think we are one of only two or three on our street that still do their own yardwork. Of course, by “we” I mean my teenage sons! OK, not really, but they do the mowing now.

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