Professional dress for IT

18 05 2011

Trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow for a VMware training session.
I for sure can’t wear a skirt. You can’t be too dressy, otherwise you’ll be mistaken for a marketing girl, not an IT person. I’ve never seen an IT woman wear a cute skirt (unless they do customer support, like one of the girls at our helpdesk, and she always dresses very nice).
However, I like to dress professional, especially since I’m young – I think it helps people take you a little more seriously at first glance. First impressions are important. So I can’t be too casual.

Last time I went, Eric went too; and he dresses pretty casual so we both wore jeans (I asked what he was going to wear, and he at first said shorts and a tank top; my text back was filled with shock, and he said I could wear jeans if I wanted, cause a lot of people probably would be :))

You see, most techy people are pretty casual. So when they go to a meeting like this and put their plaid button up shirt and jeans on, they’ve dressed up for the day. At Biola, we only get to wear jeans on short Fridays (which are during summer or interterm) so I’m used to dressing more business-casual most of the time.

Maybe I’ll wear a long-sleeved sweater and my black pants. That seems to work well in any situation either way.

Oh, what a funny conversation I’ve had with myself about this (and the rest of you!). All a view in to a woman in IT’s mind. Some of us still care about fashion and proper dress code.




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