Plumbing Adventures

11 05 2011

Our shower has not been draining well for awhile now. I found the culprit:

I know, you’re thinking, “You really are holding that up??” Yes, I am. I’m crazy like that.

One of the “fun” things about being a home owner is that if things break, you have to make sure to get them fixed. So, I’ve tried a few things: — Tried checking to see if there was hair at the top of the drain
— Poured Drain-o down
— Took suggestion from people at work that if “Drain-o didn’t work, use Crystal Heat. That will for sure get it!” This made it worse! Ahh!
— Took Dad’s suggestion to try plunging it with a plunger.
— Tried pouring baking soda and vinegar down (this is better than the chemicals, which I maybe shouldn’t have used since my pipes are super old!)
— Tried snaking down the overflow. Ta-da!

This has all been over the course of two weeks or so. It was fine for awhile and then after the Crystal Heat, it almost stopped draining all together. Really, really slow.

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me how to be a handywoman and not be afraid to get dirty! hehe
Thank you, google, for helping me to not give up when the snake was stuck down the drain. (You have to twist it around in a circle once it’s in there; that’s what will make it grab the glob of hair.

All in all, Jen has already ordered a hair net thing to put on top of the drain so the three of our hairs’ won’t be clogging up the drain anymore.

Cost of Drain-o = $7
Cost of Crystal Heat = $9
Cost of plumbing snake = borrowed=free
Not paying $100 for a plumber = awesome
Knowing u can be the handywoman of ur house = priceless ๐Ÿ™‚




One response

14 05 2011
Heather @Gluten-Free Cat

Ew, gross! Welcome to home ownership! ๐Ÿ™‚

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