Our Journey is a Quilt

14 04 2011

This was written by my sister, Kati. She’s an English minor, although this wasn’t for school. But she’s really creative and really good at stuff like this. I think this is a great analogy of life.

Our walk with the Lord is like a quilt. Each day He pieces together a new part. At first we are just a bundle of raw material waiting to be cut into our respective shapes. However, this cutting process sometimes takes the longest. Exact measurements must be taken in order to ensure perfection. If the pieces aren’t cut to the perfect measurements, the entire quilt will be off. The cutting of the pieces is the first step of making something out of nothing. Our hearts are trimmed by the Lord because He loves us and wants us to become more like him.

The next part is the easy part; the design has been laid out, the measurements and precautions have been taken, all the pieces are perfectly cut, and so begins the actual sewing. If you use a machine this is one of the most effortless parts. All you have to do is press the foot pedal down and make sure you are on track. While it may seem like a small task, effort is still required in order for the friendship to more forward, in order for the foot pedal to be pressed down. The Quilter’s Hands must guide the quilt into the machine. Without him, the entire blanket would fall apart. The stitches would be skewed, the bobbin would run out, the colours of thread would be all wrong. The quilt cannot make itself; it must constantly surrender itself into the hands of the Lord in order for the process to be completed in perfection. The sewing process in our own lives is that of friendship. The Lord brings friends into our lives as a blessing. He has already refined both people and has roughed out the edges so that they will fit together in just the right way. As time goes on, bit by bit, the friends become knit closer together. Their hearts are held together with stitches and in result, both friends are connected so closely together. Each piece that is added on to the quilt is like another friend. Friends are almost like collectables, but should never be taken for granted. Each square is unique in its own way; it’s material is different from the square next door, its history is different, even its original use is different from the piece next to it. Some of us may have come from a pair of jeans, all tough and rugged, but still beautiful. Others may be more like cashmere, very soft and we require great care. Regardless of our backgrounds or uniquenesses, we all bring something new to the quilt. The quilt wouldnt be very dynamic if each and every piece looked exactly as our own quilt piece does.

Due to our imperfections, many days, the seams need to be ripped out so that they can be perfected. We must not become so dependent on our friends that we forget about out Maker. He is the one who sees the grand scheme and he knows if a certain piece needs to be removed from our quilt of life. Our quilt square may desperately grieve the pain of having our stitches cut one by one from those we love and are close to, but fear not. The Lord will smooth over your wounds with his Iron of Love. He will handle you with great care and make sure that the next piece he puts beside you is even more perfect than the first. On other days, He handstiches us because he knows we are in need of the greatest care. Each square and each stitch brings us closer to the Designer’s plan, but we hardly take time to ask him to show us the big-picture design. Walk with the Lord today. Thank Him for his artistic plan in your life! Dont be angry or upset if the Lord, in his sovereign will, decides that it is time for a friend to go. Release your heart to the LORD and not to your fellow men so that you may become shaped even more and more like the perfect quilt he has designed all along.




One response

14 04 2011
Heather @Gluten-Free Cat

What a beautiful analogy! Katie is such a doll. Thanks for sharing her writing!

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