How to have a gluten-free guest for dinner

3 03 2011

This is adapted from my cousin’s blog (Heather). I know, it’s sort of a lot, but it makes me excited to come over to eat with you, but I’m scared out of my wits that I’m going to get sick. So if you know this information, it helps me a lot!

One of the biggest things that people don’t know about is cross contamination. If you’ve used the spoon to scoop normal pasta, I will freak out when I watch you put it in to the special gluten-free pasta that you made especially for me (This has happened before). Please don’t do that!

I love the tip about the tin foil. That’s what I do when I want to cook something in my gluten-filled toaster oven. Put it on a piece of foil and I’m set (as long as you don’t bump the crumbs off the top as you’re sliding the bread in).

“Courtney posted a series called How to Host a Gluten Free Guest. As I read each post, I wished I had her guidance years ago to share with friends and family members who earnestly wanted to cook for me without killing me. As hard as I tried to explain the intricacies involved in providing me with a safe, home-cooked meal, I could never express it as clearly as Courtney did. I always seemed to leave something out. And as hard as I tried to relax in their homes, I felt like I was under attack as I watched every move in the kitchen and at the table and asked so many questions that it bordered on rude.

How to Host a Gluten-Free Guest, Part 1
Courtney starts by giving a tutorial on gluten-free ingredients. I love her first point that the more natural your ingredients, the easier it is to be sure that your meal will be gluten-free. She also gives pointers on reading labels for hidden glutens so you don’t accidentally poison your guest.

How to Host a Gluten-Free Guest, Part 2
Courtney’s second installments focuses on the cooking of the meal. If you are not gluten-intolerant, your kitchen is probably a minefield for your guest regardless of the clean kitchen that you keep. It’s not your fault. Glutens are just sneaky that way. This post teaches you which utensils, pans, dishes, and surfaces are safe and which to save for a less complicated guest. It also gives you a fail safe protection method that will cost you pennies.

How to Host a Gluten-Free Guest, Part 3
Lastly, Courtney gives simple tips on serving your gluten-free guest. You don’t want all of your effort to go to waste when Johnny butters his roll and politely passes the butter dish with gluteny crumbs to your guest. Yikes!
So head on over to Gluten Free Jesus Freak and let Courtney walk you through helpful tips for hosting a gluten-free guest. Bookmark this post and send a link to your friends when they invite you over. If they really love you, they already know that you’re a gluten-free freak, so sending a link won’t offend them. They’ll actually be thankful to be armed with the knowledge of how to make your time together a safe, pleasant one.”




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