Understand my world

12 01 2011

I feel like I just want someone to understand my world. If you are a woman in tech and are under 30, can we please be best friends? I need you to get me.

I need your laughing when I tell you computer jokes.
I need your understanding that “grep”ing for something isn’t a dirty thing. It’s Linux. Duh.
I need your excitement for when I spend all day working on building a server and it finally works. You know the feeling.
I need your enthusiasm for learning new things.
I need your giddyness for when your connection to the database is successful.
I need your frustration for when you missed checking the checkbox and it took you a week to find the solution.
I need your brain and analytical way of thinking.
I need your no-drama approach to life.

No, I’m not a super nerd. I like things besides technology. A lot. I don’t always talk about technology; actually, I rarely do, because no one understands. I’m not a super girly-girl, but I wear make-up. I enjoy getting new shoes. But I get new shoes every 3 years, and buy new clothes every once-and-awhile, not every other weekend. And I don’t like drama; I don’t cause it, and it normally doesn’t find me.

Can you please “get” me?

And if you understand business, love Jesus, love music, like exploring new places, like talking about boys, and have a variety of different hobbies, that would be a plus. But not required.

If you’re older, I’m looking for a mentor and would love that too. But I still need a young friend. If you know of people, pass them on.




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