10 Free Cloud based tools

17 12 2010

These are from TechSoup.com’s newsletter

Rapportive: Check it out if you haven’t done so already. Rapportive is a little browser plug-in that provides you with information about the people you talk to via email.
**This is cool; I hope it gets bigger.

Dropbox: Dropbox might make you want to get rid of your USB! It is the easiest way to store, sync, and share files online. It makes online storage and sharing of files dead simple — as simple as dragging files into specially market local folders. (Jim’s little technical note — Dropbox has a limited freeware service with 2 GB of storage, but is regarded as a “freemium” service in which you need to pay a monthly fee if you need more than 2 GB of storage).

Skype Screen Sharing: Many people are not aware of this but Skype has a screen-sharing feature. Once you are logged in to your Skype account, you simply click the share screen button and then will be able to see either the whole screen of the person with whom you are talking or the portion of the screen that they select. An incredibly simple yet highly effective tool that cuts down on messy feedback. It makes you far more efficient especially if your business is online.

Tungle.me: The hardest part of making meetings happen is knowing when is the best time. Tungle.me makes it simple for everyone to know when is best for you! You control your availability and remove all the guessing games. Check it out.
**Could have good uses

MyStickies: This is a simple but brilliant little app that essentially lets you place little stickies all over the web to remind you of stuff when you get back there at a later date. You can write messages for yourself and they’ll appear next time you navigate back to that page.

Mozy: All the important information in your life or business is now stored on a computer. Whether it is photos and music or business documents and financial records, everything is digital. Mozy offers a great backup-to-the-cloud service that will help you sleep at night knowing that your digital life will always be there when you need it. (Jim’s little technical note — Mozy, just like Dropbox, has a limited freeware service with 2 GB of storage, but is regarded as a “freemium” service in which you need to pay a monthly fee if you need more than 2 GB of storage).

Remember the Milk: is a great task manager. It allows you to create to-do lists in the easiest manner possible as well as being able to access those lists from pretty much anywhere.
**I really like this, except that you have to pay a fee for the iPhone app. 😦

Google Apps: I know, this one is so obvious and many people already know it… however, if you have not checked it out yet, you really should — immediately! This is free for nonprofits with under 3,000 users. It is great for collaboration, email, shared calendars and tons of other online features. It is one of, if not the most essential tool that I use today. Contact us for help with implementation, migration, and training!

Soluto: Frustrated by your sluggish and unresponsive PC? Soluto’s goal is to bring an end to the frustrations PC users encounter. Soluto’s technology detects when you’re frustrated by your PC and tells you which application is causing it. (Jim’s little technical note — this service is regarded as a “boot manager” and requires that you download an application on to your computer. See a more complete Softpedia review of it.)

PDF Unlock: PDF files can have restrictions that prevent you from being able to do many things with them, such as copying text from them or editing, printing, or merging them. PDF Unlock can remove these restrictions. (Jim’s little technical note — this service is free for PDF files up to 5 MB. Sister free services include PDF Protect, Split PDF, and Merge PDF.




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