Jesus says “google it”

20 11 2010

Did you know that Jesus would have googled himself if he lived in the 21st century?

I had a funny though. I was reading Mark 8:27-30 where Jesus is asking who people say he is. If I was writing the Message version of the Bible, I would have said that Jesus asked the disciples “what would google say about me?”. Essentially, this is what he was asking. What do others think about me?
However, he seems to think it more important about what they (the disciples) think, as they were his close friends and the people who would be spreading the message about him. So essentially asking the Wikipedia writers what they would say about him.

Haha, good thing God loves and created this nerdy little self!




One response

21 11 2010
Charles Hood

Nice high-tech spin on a familiar verse, I like it!

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