What is Cloud Computing?

13 11 2010

Eric (my co-worker) came to speak to my class on Cloud Computing and virtualization a few weeks ago. It was great to have him. He’s taught me much of what I know about being a SysAdmin (along with Ben) so it was really cool to have him come talk to my students.

He thought it would be fun to ask people what they thought cloud computing was and create a video for it. I had done something similar at VMworld, so I integrated that with the conversations we had with people around Biola during our lunch break one day.

Below is the video I made to help my students understand cloud computing. There are some funny ones for sure (like Mark’s, who is our Network Admin at Biola, and said that cloud computing is a man in the sky (I almost burst up laughing when he got to the end of his explanation)) and some really accurate ones as well. Thanks to all who answered!




One response

22 11 2010

I have liked Mark’s explanation of cloud computing; it is so funny. 🙂

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