4 Things I’m excited about

19 09 2010

4 things I’m excited about and/or love:
1. I own a stinkin’ house!
2. I have awesome friends and community.
3. RockHarbor Fullerton is going to be starting up discipleship and mentoring.
4. Print Facebook pictures to Target app

1. Much work to be done on the house, but thanks to my dad, I know what I need to do to it! Met my neighbor (I think his name is Josh, could be Jeff). Excited to get to know the neighbors around. It’s a quiet little neighborhood.

2. Thanks to all my wonderful friends who helped me paint my house this weekend. Seriously, you gave your Saturday. Now, I hate painting, but it’s my house so there’s a benefit for me to do it. My friends — maybe you like painting, or maybe you hate it. Either way, you’re probably going to be sore like I am, and you gave your free day up to help me out. Much love to you all.
See pics of the helpers below (I didn’t get one of Bethany, who was the master touch-up girl):

Any of you who want to help next Saturday and Sunday are free to come 🙂 We’ll be painting the living room, kitchen, and bathroom (if we can get to it all).

Community: Love RockHarbor Fullerton church. Even though church-in-a-box almost didn’t make it there (the truck broke down) God answers prayer and the truck ended up making it there. Although they were late and missing some pieces, I’d say the Production team did a pretty good job making everything run well!
Vision night, baptism, and worship. They set up an outside pool for baptisms and had a few people planned to get baptized and then opened it up to others. It was pretty cool.

My new friend Ryan was baptized. I sat next to him and his fiancee last week, and I hope to get to know them better. I really want to participate in the community at RockHarbor. Being involved, yes. But I’ve been involved running around doing Production and working with my team there. I love my Production team. But it’s time for me to be a part of the church community right now, and not leading (part of that is because there’s too much on my plate to be officially leading right now). I’ve always done leadership. I want to be a part of the crowd and participate rather than facilitating the service for a little while.

3. Super excited to hear that RH Fullerton is going to be starting a mentoring/discipleship program. I really really really want a woman mentor. I work in IT. I don’t know many older women. I have had some great male mentors, but it would be nice to have a female mentor. It would be super-amazing,-only-God-could-do-it if she worked in IT. Please, please, please, God! If not, I’m totally okay with that too. I really just want a woman to help me through life, and someone who is willing to help develop me, spiritually, mentally, and professionally.
And I’d like to help mentor someone also. So yeah, that’d be really cool. I’m really excited about that.

4. How many years have I been waiting for this!? Yes! Now I won’t have to request pictures to be emailed to me from people if I want to print one out to put in a frame. Because if you did it before, your picture that you grabbed from Facebook was horrible. But now, voila!
apps.facebook.com/printtotarget (okay, so it wasn’t fully working when I did it, but my roommate said it worked for her. Maybe I’m just technically incompetent…)

Ugh. I’m exhausted. Welcome to the next few weeks of life. Welcome to a tired Monday.




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