A Day in the Life … of a Web Programmer

8 09 2010

As promised, here it is. The first in the “A Day in the Life” series, featuring Jonathan Preston, Web Programmer at Landmark Global. It’s about 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, Skype quality isn’t the best, so there are a few spots where it’s not clear what he’s saying.

Thanks to Biola’s new bandwidth, I can now do it at work and hopefully the quality will be great for next time!

PS. Interesting tidbit from class tonight: Another student stated that she had never used Ethernet before. Someone in my class on Thursday said she hadn’t either, and I thought maybe she just wasn’t sure what it was. But no, really. The students this age now have always had wireless. Weird, huh?

Also, I tried to explain how a hard drive worked comparing it to a record player. Which as soon as I said it, I realized it was dumb, because really I barely remember a record player. How would they have ever seen one or know how it works? haha

Exciting news: My dad is coming up to have dinner with me tomorrow night. Yay, how fun. Knowing that he’s a meat and potatoes guy, I’m going to make this T-bone steak that I’ve had, and some mashed potatoes. No rice for one night won’t kill me (If you look at the way I eat rice, you’d think I was Asian- rice for bfast, rice for dinner, sometimes for lunch too!)

Found this funny: Quote told to me by a friend who was talking about the ratio of men to women in IT. When talking about finding someone to date/marry, he said “The odds are very good, but the goods are very odd”. Ha!

PSS. God is good. Really.




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