My 3 Jobs

3 09 2010

I’ve had three jobs this week: SysAdmin for Biola, solving problems on the side, while at VMworld; Compellent Social Media Reporter and Customer Rep; Professor for Intro to MIS.
What a week it’s been! I’m exhausted. My body has decided it’s tired too, as I’m definitely fighting a cold now. Bummer. If you don’t rest, it catches up to you. I’ve pretty much worked from 7:30am to 11:30pm every night this week and tonight will be no exception, even though VMworld is done. That’s a long day! They’ve been great; lots of fun, great learning opportunities, wonderful new friends and networking acquaintances.

I almost didn’t want to leave VMworld. It was such a great environment, I had made a new little community of friends there, and didn’t have too much stress. Yes, I was busy running around doing things, but they weren’t super critical. If I missed a session I was bummed, but it didn’t matter. I can always watch them online anyways.

As I was flying home today I started getting freaked out. There’s so much to do here at home!
My house-purchasing is having issues, so we have to re-draw loan docs, which I’m terribly disappointed about because my dad was going to come up and help me with painting and all of the big stuff this weekend. Unfortunately he’s scheduled to work every Saturday for the next few weeks, so unless I can paint by myself and put in windows, I’m going to have to wait. Waiting isn’t bad, it’s just the anticipated results have not been what I was expecting. All in His time.

I realized as I was coming back that my slides for class weren’t complete. There were only about 15 slides. I just don’t know how to make each class session long enough! We finished class around 7:20 tonight (so a 1hr 20min class). We pulled apart some computers and played with the parts which I think they really enjoyed. I think it was pretty new for most of the people, although I know it was a little boring for those who know a lot about computers. It’s hard to balance that. We did the computer project for about 45 minutes or so, which means I only talked for 30 minutes or less. I think next week will be a lot better. I’ve already been prepping for the past three hours for our software class next week. It will be interesting I think. I am sure that I will go the whole session, as we now can go in to the labs and start working there on our projects. I really like my students. I’m excited to be teaching, but it’s just a lot on top of my already crazy-normal life!

“The world we have created is a product of our own thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einstein

Exciting stuff happening at VMworld today. The morning session was great! I wish I had more time at the conference. I did a great lab at 8am, ran over to the general session at 9am, and then ran to the expo from 10-10:30. I literally ran almost all the way back to my hotel (1 mile away) to be back and ready with my stuff for the shuttle to pick me up at 10:45. I was sorta run-walking (my sister does race-walking) and I think I would have won the race! Haha! My feet definitely hurt now.
I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to spend more time in the Expo area. I was in the Compellent booth most of the time that I was in the Expo area, so I didn’t get to scope out the new products or get too much swag. I had to get some things to bring back to my team, otherwise they might not ever let me leave again šŸ™‚

Morning Session: Awesome stuff. The theme was innovation, and so they had three presenters talk. My favorite was a Ph.D student from MIT who started a company called SixthSense (see Fast Company’s review of them here). They created a gadget that uses augmented reality. It comprises an off-the-shelf webcam, mirrors, smartphone, and a pico-projector–all hung on a lanyard. It can recognize objects, like a book in a store, and pull up Amazon review of the book and project them on to the front cover of the book. I can’t explain it very well, so go look at the review on Fast Company’s site. Wow. Really impressive. I think it definitely will take off.
Other presenters were Natan Linder, a Master’s student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab and Tan Le, Co-founder and President, Emotiv Systems. Natan Linder presented LuminAR, which can project images of the web, anywhere. It allows you to have Internet everywhere, as long as you have a wireless signal and a power socket. They’re calling it the new form factor for a computer. The pixels can be put on any spaces. It looks like a light bulb, and you can put the bulb pack in a lamp or in a robot.
Emotiv’s product is a head set that measure brain waves in order to move virtual objects. It tests your brian waves when you’re thinking of moving a block on the screen up. It then tells you to pretend that you’re moving the block. The block moves. Pretty cool. I’ve heard about them in INC. magazine before and thought it was awesome then. It allows you to control things with your mind. A demo was of a man sitting in his wheelchair and he had his chair hooked up to his brain waves. When he would move his face or think to go to the left, the wheels would start going to the left. I really think it has potential to do great things.

By the way, Compellent was a Finalist for the Hardware for Virtualization category of awards at VMworld. Yay! That’s cool.

Hardware Virtualization:
Gold: Cisco Systems Inc., Cisco Nexus 7000 Overlay Transport Virtualization
Finalist: Compellent Technologies, Compellent Storage Center 5
Finalist: Xsigo Systems, VP780 and VP560 I/O Director

That’s all for now folks!




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