In Route to VMworld

30 08 2010

Things started off a little scary. Took the metro from my house to LAX – I have only done it once before, and it went okay, but some times there are delays, so I left at 9am for an 11:40 flight. Just to be safe. I ended up at the gate by 9:30, so needless to say I was way early. Good thing though; I found out the travel agent company who booked my flight booked it from San Francisco to LAX for today and then LAX to SF for Thursday. Umm, I’m standing at the ticket counter in LAX, obviously I’m not flying out of SF! Praise God that the ticketing agent was willing to change it for me for no charge! That flight was supposed to leave at 11. Unfortunately there was such thick fog in SF that we weren’t able to leave until 1:30! So I had a long morning at the airport, but I’m a mobile girl: have laptop, book/magazine, iPhone always on me. I’m always working/studying/prepping/learning about something. I can work anywhere, even if I don’t have internet (like now, while I’m waiting for the Calitrain to take me to San Jose to visit a friend and take a tour of Apple’s headquarters).

Excited to go to Apple! I’m visiting a friend who works at Apple. We were MIS students together at Biola University, and I’m always fascinated by what he’s doing. He’s a SysAdmin too (but way smarter than I am!). I always like catching up with him to see what he’s working on and how he’s doing. Maybe one day I’ll work with him at Apple (or wherever he is at that point in time; last year when I visited he was at eBay). For now I’ll live vicariously through his SysAdmin duties at a Fortune 500, but one day I’ll be there too!

What a week this will be! I’m excited! Looking forward to meeting lots of people at VMworld, going to sessions, helping out as a customer rep in the Compellent booth, AND going to the Women of Purpose meeting! Please let me find another woman sysadmin! I’m tired of no lines in the women’s bathroom at tech conferences. Women aren’t used to that! We like go take group trips to the bathroom 🙂 haha.

On a side note not related to VMworld, my house should close escrow this week! So it’s a big week in all areas of life! Woo hoo! Hopefully when I get back, they’ll hand me the keys. Pray that it all goes smoothly!

– Find out how large scale companies use VMware. What does it look like in a big environment? We have about 150 VMs, but if you had more, how do you manage them? I think when you grow larger, you have to be more efficient as you can’t manually power on 500 VMs one click at a time. I’m interested in learning about this. It probably involves….

– …Powershell scripting. I’m going to a session. I really want to learn how to script. How can you be a SysAdmin without knowing it? From anyone I’ve talked to, you’re not a true SysAdmin until you can. When we set up our goals for the year (in October) this will be at the top of my list. I’ll start it as a goal now so that I can have a head start.

– Find some good gluten free bakeries! I looked online and SF has lots of GF places. Ahh, fresh bread! Can’t wait. I want soup in a bread bowl. Not sure if they do that, but I’ve heard that the San Francisco Soup Company does gluten free bread, so maybe! Also going to hit up the Mariposa Artisan Bakery to get some muffins. Love it! Maybe I should start a GF bakery in LA… hmm. Food for thought.

– Having fun on Public Transportation. Metro to LAX, plane, shuttle, BART, Caltrain to San Jose, Muni to Moscone, walking to hotel.

– I want to be intentional at networking. (Not quite sure how this will play out, but I don’t want to just be the friendly person that people are talking to. I want to be a useful resource where I can help teach and explain things to people and be beneficial to them and their time; also to learn from them and take good information back to my team. Of course I do want to meet people just to have some new tech friends. But I feel like I’m pretty good at that. Intentionality is to be learned.) Anyone have good questions that you’re interested in knowing about for people in the tech industry?

– Utilizing social media: I’m the social media person (or something like that, correct me if that’s not right) for Compellent, as their customer representative. I’m going to be talking with people, interviewing some VMworld-ers on camera, blogging about sessions, and talking with potential customers in their booth.
Also, I’m going to be trying an experiment: My first Tuesday night class for Intro to MIS is going to be taught via Skype. Expanding Biola University’s use of online resources. Someone should tell the Department of Distance learning. Maybe The Chimes (Biola’s newspaper) will write about me 😉 I think it will be cool! (I have to give props to my mom for thinking of the idea; She’s never used skype even, but she totally thought of the idea!) Hopefully it works out well.

– Learn about the different products that VMware has. Maybe see some Virtual Desktop demonstrations, or take other ideas about cool new technologies back to Biola.

Keep your eye on the blog here. I’ll be posting every day about the sessions and highlights of the day.

Lots of firsts for me this week: first time visiting Apple headquarters (and hopefully not the last), First Tuesday Intro to MIS class via skype, first big conference (Only been to Compellent’s C-drive conference, which at 500-ish people I guess isn’t big compared to the 12,000+ people that I’ve heard are going to be at VMworld!), first house purchased (hopefully!), and first time being Compellent’s MVP customer!

Get ready for a great week at VMworld and otherwise!




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31 08 2010

Ok! What?! On the flight. I’m SO glad that worked out. Glad to see you’re having fun.

BIG news about the house! I can’t believe you were able to hold that in until paragraph 4!!! Getting the keys is a headline worthy moment. Maybe that’s a post for after the show.

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