First Class

27 08 2010

Made it! Phew! As I was leaving work, getting ready to walk over to class, I started getting really freaked out, but no need to fear! God is in charge, and all went well!

Funny things: we had a little video to watch about the first computer, and it’s this really old 90s video. It’s kinda funny, and their clothes and hair are just so outdated (except for Steve Jobs, who is wearing a black turtleneck. Seriously. However, his hair is much longer- he actually has hair). At one point, the man says something to the effect of “You don’t see any women here (at a computer building party) except for the one sitting over there, and she is super bored. That’s because this isn’t something women do. This is a boy thing.”
The whole class looked at me- and I said “Not true!” haha. They laughed. Really? How can he say that? haha. Maybe it was true back then. There still are very few women in IT now (lots of business analysts and programmers, but very very few SysAdmins- side note: went to a training/seminar the other day and there were 25 people (I counted) and I was the only woman. When we had a break, there was a line for the guys bathroom, and I just laughed as I passed them. Only in IT would you have such luck. Storage and SysAdmin stuff, especially).

So, it all went great except for the fact that I have the wrong edition of the lab book listed on the syllabus, but that’s now corrected. Thanks to blackboard I can easily update that and they can print it out if they actually want to have a physical copy. And then at the end of class, one student asked if it was my first class. How could you tell? Really? I didn’t think it was obvious. I even mentioned that I was buying a house (as it will be consuming all my free time (FREE TIME? I THOUGHT I ALREADY DIDN’T HAVE ANY!)) to sorta throw them. But they got me. Oh well. I think it will be a good class.

Looking forward to it!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers. The Lord definitely answered them!

I think they liked my cupcakes too! (If you can’t tell from the picture, they are rulers and little books on top of them).




2 responses

31 08 2010

Embedded parentheses, what a nerd.

1 09 2010
Amanda Zook

haha! Yes, I am so good at those 🙂

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