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28 08 2008

Wireless Electricity. Oh man, i’m so excited for it. I actually had thought of the idea. apparently I wasn’t the first to do so. Oh Intel. Why do you have to be so smart?

Intel Wireless Project

Interesting though how modern inventions affect us.
This morning our water didn’t work. A pipe within the city had broken and so our whole community development didn’t have water. It was crazy. You couldn’t even brush your teeth. It made me think of how blessed I am to actually have running water. These are things you don’t think of and totally take for granted until you don’t have it. Hmm, thank the Lord for running water. We ended up going to the Biola locker rooms and taking a shower there. It was definitely an adventure I wasn’t ready for when I woke up this morning. I guess that’s what I should expect every morning– the Lord to knock me off my socks.

It’s been really busy this week. Getting moved into a new house with 10 girls, decorating, getting back in to the swing of working at Biola (where I have a list of over 35 tickets (things that I need to do/people to write back to about tech stuff)!), and getting to know new friends as well as visit old friends. And then there’s that thing called sleeping. Ohh yeah, I haven’t gotten enough of that.

Things to pray for:
-Health (sleeping less than 8 hours really kills me. Plus, I’m sitting at a desk all day so my back and wrists hurt)

-Getting along with all the housemates (I think it will be fine, but just pray for strong healthy relationships to be created)

-Me to decide whether to work for Principal Financial Group in Iowa starting next July (I need to give them an answer by Oct 1)

Blessings to praise the Lord for:
-I started my last class that I need to graduate! It should be so much fun. It’s Electronics 100. yay 🙂 (someone tell Mr. Pace :))

-I am really loving living in the house with all these new friends

-Gail (one of my roommates) and I found a couch for our room in the dumpster. It was quite an adventure but such a blessing as well!

-I’ve gotten to go swimming a few times this week! (yay, the simple things in life make me happy)

I will update pictures of my house once we get everything situated. It will be really nice looking! 🙂




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29 08 2008
Combiz Saleh

This is nice that more companies are getting involved in the wireless electricity revolution.

I know that a company called PowerBeam is also involved in the wireless era and they safely transmit energy through optical energy, instead of the copper wires and the electro-magnetic field.

By using optical energy they can send energy over long-range distances. Their device also has a safety system so that it shuts down if anything is close to the beam.

If you’re interested in more info regarding their wireless electricity system check out http://www.powerbeaminc.com

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